Where’s the moon, Honey?

So our adventures began at around 4am on 20th July 2008. Yes that is just 2-3 hours after the end of our wedding reception. Obviously when planning our honeymoon, we hadn’t quite considered how tired we would be after 2 weeks of wedding events and parties! Nevertheless, we had booked a 6am flight to… well I didn’t know where we were going! It was a surprise! Try packing for one of those!

Picture it now, Rishi and I absolutely shattered but excited for our trip, Rishi’s parents, and my parents, still wearing the outfits from the wedding reception all sleeping on our own laps in my Dad’s 7 seater car in the carpark at Heathrow! Our 6am flight had been cancelled so we were waiting for the 11am one, which would be fine had we had any more than 5 hours sleep in the last 48 hours.

It was all worth it though, a few hours later and we were en route to Rio for our South American adventure.

I’d always wanted to go to Rio…… beach, carnival, football, the favelas, City of God but most importantly…….the havianas! Uh ye, those are the best flip flops ever!!!!

But seriously, Rio as a city was cool, a must see once!

One of the most fascinating parts was the Favelas – i.e. the ghetto of Brazil which sits right opposite the apartments of the rich and super rich. It’s just crazy walking round while the tour guide, who lives in the favelas explains to you that everything in the favelas is run by gangs, from the electricity to the transportation. A definite eye opener! But make sure you keep your eyes on the road, you don’t want to be locking eyes with anyone there!

Then there was the footy match… only one word to describe it! Electric! We went to watch a normal league match but still the atmosphere was extraordinary. Fire works in the stands, humongous banners, singing, chanting, 6 goals and some pretty slick football. It was awesome. If you go to Brazil you have to check out the football…..

Now I can’t talk about Rio without mentioning the hand gliding. My darling husband decided to book hand-gliding for us from a cliff over the beach in Brazil. Sounds spectacular right. Well not if your scared of heights, but I was not one to turn down a challenge….. off to the top of the cliff.. hmm, lets have a quick peak over the edge…. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, No way in hell am I jumping off a cliff attached to a Brazilian man I’ve just met and some wings made out of kite material! But ofcourse, Rishi being the adrenalin junkie couldn’t wait and off he jumps… check out the photos!