Who are we?

Welcome to the travel blog of Mr & Mrs R!

Yes, Yes, yet another travel blog…..  but we do hope that our random trips and even more random photos will provide enough entertainment and at the same time perhaps some inspiration and ideas of places to go and what to see!

If nothing else, you’ll know what not to do! 😉

So enough blubbering…who are we?

We are a couple of ‘wacky’ 20 somethings… (hmm, Rish’s description of us) that LUUURVE seeing the world…. ideally from the comfort of a 4-5* hotel…. (that was Anj)… but really it’s all about seeing new things, doing some random stuff, meeting cool and different people and generally getting out and about…

If you like it, it would be great if you could let us know by leaving a comment on any of the posts or pix!

Thanks for visiting!

Anj & Rish