Feejee Time

The final hurrah for Rish and my adventures came round soo fast, too fast in fact. Coming over to Fiji was bitter sweet. I mean who’d say no to a beach front villa looking out onto paradise with the friendliest neighbours possible? .. But the view had a price… 6 nights with sun, sea and sand and then Rish would be heading home on a 24 hour flight…. Leaving me behind. 🙁

And by leave me behind, I do mean, I’m going to VEEEGAS! Yeeee baaaby!

Honestly though, Fiji has been nothing short of magical… The first night we arrived we had to stay in Nadi so had booked a cheap hostel only 10 mins from the airport. It uh, did the job; clean, functional and somewhere we were happy to leave the next morning… Not wanting to miss out on any time in Fiji,  we headed across the road to a nicer hostel which had a fire show… Which is pretty much the entertainment staff dancing around holding a burning stick on the beach Lol… Can’t lie, we were still pretty excited to be in 30* heat being entertained by, well, anything but a caravan!

Despite the thrilling evening, we were up bright and early to get on the Yasawa flyer which is a 5 hour boat journey passing through Fiji’s gorgeous islands dropping off backpackers on the way. Rish and I were in for the long haul though. I had lived up to my Princess Sparkle nickname and selected the best resort in the ‘backpacker’ range… And then persuaded Rish that we NEEDED to stay in the premium beach front villas too! … Well it was our last week!!

Our 5 nights in the resort simply put was magical. Everything from, waking up in the morning to the white sand, clear blue sea with the coral just a stones throw away to the outdoor shower which had an inexplicable overwhelming tranquility not to mention the lively communal evening dinner and entertainment. It’s hard to select the best part.

The resort was definitely a romantic destination so the night time activities were slightly tame but still very interesting…….. oi get your head out the gutter… what I meant was the resort’s entertainment! They had crab racing on the first night, yeup that’s right, we hunted round the beach for the fastest crab who would win us $20 at the bar! Ok Rishi hunted round, as if I was going to touch a crab… eww… it was all to no avail though, unfortunately our selection did not even move from the starting point! The Fijian evening was awesome on the other hand, you could feel the energy from the local village people who entertained us with music and dancing… Rishi was thrown around by one of the ‘larger than life’ village ladies …. happy to share pictures for that if anyone wants to see!!  There was also movie night, where the resort put up a big screen on the beach and we sat there on the hand woven mats munching away on the popcorn watching our chosen chick flick that night, Love Actually.

Well, we can blame the movie choice on Anna! One of the reasons that Fiji was so awesome, was the fun people we met. Every night dinner is served on the long tables and so you sit with other guests from the resort. One night we happened to be seated with Anna and Tom and Jen and Brinn. We bonded over our desire for ice-cream, thinking up crazy ways of how we would get our hands on the magnums, because our resort didn’t serve any. Luckily we didn’t follow through, or else one or more of us would either have been eaten by a shark or be bending over for soap in prison…. Nice! 🙂

Our other biggest concern was working out how we could make sure we had to do the  the least possible movement and yet enjoy the beach to its full potential… Fiji had made us lazy… Caaammooon, it’s Fiiiji Tiiime…

Ok, so we did get off our lazy butts sometimes. Basket weaving, which was actually making bamboo leaf bracelets was an activity we considered manageable… Works of art these bracelets are I tell you. A whole afternoon spent making those bad boys! Who would have thought it would be so strenuous and time consuming?! Anywho, spurred on by the adrenalin from that activity, Rishi and I did also venture out for some snorkelling one morning and even visited the village for the Sunday church service… I think Anna’s main activity was feeding Charlie the dog that week, while Jen and Brinn actually outshone us by snorkelling every day!! That’s hard work I tell you.. Trust me, all of that activity seemed like a chore, compared to lying in our hammock, reading the Godfather and of course interspersing that with napping and eating. Could life get any sweeter?

How could I not have mentioned the actual food?! Ok, so being the only veggies that week, the Fijian hospitality was definitely evident with the Chef coming to check the evening menu with us every day and even supplying that extra spicy kick for our Indian palette. Apart from the dinners, the muffins we kept forgetting to steal from breakfast every morning, probably because we were too lethargic from the pancakes, definitely helped pad out the belly and lets not forget my daily dose of Mediterranean pasta despite the choice of Thai curries and the perfectly crunchy cassava chips… YUM YUM!

Fiji will definitely have a soft spot in our heart or perhaps my stomach (eek!) and especially thanks to our Fijian lazy companions. We will definitely be heading over to see Tom and Anna in Germany for more eating and antics. Jen, Brin, you coming along? I’ll get the Cornettos, you bring the Magnums! 🙂

Anywho, I have to say bye for now as Rishi is leaving me to go home…. :'( and I’ve got to make my way to the other terminal to catch my flight to Vegas… I can’t believe these 4 months are already over. We came here thinking this was a once in a lifetime trip, but the travel bug has been fed… next stop…. ?

p.s. you’ll be pleased to know that we did get our ice-cream on the boat back to the mainland, phew! 🙂

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