Take a deep breath…. and relax.

Having planned a pretty big wedding while working hard in the city…followed by 3 weeks of our activity packed honeymoon, it was time to end the trip with a deep sigh and total veg out on a beach.

Around July/August, beach locations without hurricanes or monsoon are few and far between, which is why Rishi selected Aruba. Its a small island in the Caribbean, with sunshine all year round. Owned by Holland, it is much more Americanified than other Caribbean islands. It even had a taco bell! Yum!

We stayed in a gorgeous room with views over the ocean.

What I loved about Aruba was the stunning white sandy beaches and clear turquoise ocean that is the benefit of a Caribbean island but it also had a life, soul and good food!

Everyone there seemed so happy and loved living in Aruba, even the taxi driver who took us from our hotel to get a drive through taco bell! The staff were friendly and wherever we went, people just seemed to be smiling!

The town centre is a pretty beach front marina, from where many people take boats out to Venezula. They have some nice shops, mainly high end like Ralph Lauren and a couple of cool bars.

We did venture out one evening to a recommended bar. It was actually more of a really chilled out balcony over the port with cool cocktails and played Latin music. Fabulous! The crowd were relaxed but up for a laugh, with both locals and tourists just dancing away. We did meet some people who said there is also a cool club across the road, but decided this was good enough and so headed home.

Perhaps the flash was a LITTLE too strong!

Food choices were good too, from a yummy alfresco Italian restaurant right across our hotel to a hidden away Indian restaurant in town, not to mention the too unhealthy to be good but so delicious American style snacks in the hotel.

Aruba is a really good mix of beach relaxation with all the mod cons we love. Perfect end to our South American adventure! x

Crack in Columbia?

Ok have I just watched too many gangster movies or does everyone think of Columbia and think cocaine and drug dealers? I’m aware that this is a major stereotype, but I blame the movies! Rish thought the same thing too, really, he did!!

Anywho, we had a very long stopover in Columbia en route to Aruba so thought we would go explore… And I have to say the first few hours in Columbia did nothing to dispel my myth.. The part of the city we were taken to was pretty run down, couple cars abandoned in the middle of the road and a morning market which I’m certain was of stolen goods!! So much for letting go of my stereotyping!!

Nevertheless, Rish and I decided to venture further inwards in the hunt for food… The more we walked, the more the surroundings changed! There were amazing green parks, great buildings and mass loads of people cycling!

We had lunch at a little restaurant in a concert hall looking out on to the surprisingly pretty city. After lunch we wandered around, trying to get more of a feel for the Columbian city and came across a huge mall, followed by the reason for the mass cyclying! In a big park there were hundreds of people, relaxing, dancing and exercising to music! Quite obviously, we had arrived on the day of some sort of event, which looked fantastic, with loads of families enjoying themselves. Hmm, Columbia was looking quite nice actually.

Unfortunately it was time to head back to the airport so we got in a taxi and headed back. 🙁 Taking every moment as an opportunity, I decided to practise my Spanish with the taxi driver and he showed me the sights in English while Rishi gave up and napped on my shoulder!

Not bad for a few hours stopover!

Hmm, Lima

In all honesty, not loving Lima…. just doesn’t have a great vibe….. perhaps because apparently the buildings and town has been built on old graves! Niiiice!

We did however however a fabulous dinner on the first night at a French restaurant on the Ocean…… despite having nothing on the menu that we could eat, they prepared a delicious Veggie meal for us! Yum……

Good opportunity to take a little break and chill out, especially after all the excitement and walking in Cusco! It’s time for the relaxing part of the trip, bring on Aruba… Wooh!

I Wonder about the World and discover Machu Picchu

Loving Peru…. Cusco, is fantastic. It has a such an amazing vibe… chilled out, yet fun and lively. You actually feel like you are visiting somewhere new.

And yay, an indian restaurant… this was definitely one of the best locations on the whole trip… No, not just for the food silly, but the spectacular sites, the hot days, the incredible atmosphere and the cool hotels we stayed at too…

We visited Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, and loads of other cool archeological sites…. check out the pics below!