Hmm, Lima

In all honesty, not loving Lima…. just doesn’t have a great vibe….. perhaps because apparently the buildings and town has been built on old graves! Niiiice!

We did however however a fabulous dinner on the first night at a French restaurant on the Ocean…… despite having nothing on the menu that we could eat, they prepared a delicious Veggie meal for us! Yum……

Good opportunity to take a little break and chill out, especially after all the excitement and walking in Cusco! It’s time for the relaxing part of the trip, bring on Aruba… Wooh!

I Wonder about the World and discover Machu Picchu

Loving Peru…. Cusco, is fantastic. It has a such an amazing vibe… chilled out, yet fun and lively. You actually feel like you are visiting somewhere new.

And yay, an indian restaurant… this was definitely one of the best locations on the whole trip… No, not just for the food silly, but the spectacular sites, the hot days, the incredible atmosphere and the cool hotels we stayed at too…

We visited Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, and loads of other cool archeological sites…. check out the pics below!