Crack in Columbia?

Ok have I just watched too many gangster movies or does everyone think of Columbia and think cocaine and drug dealers? I’m aware that this is a major stereotype, but I blame the movies! Rish thought the same thing too, really, he did!!

Anywho, we had a very long stopover in Columbia en route to Aruba so thought we would go explore… And I have to say the first few hours in Columbia did nothing to dispel my myth.. The part of the city we were taken to was pretty run down, couple cars abandoned in the middle of the road and a morning market which I’m certain was of stolen goods!! So much for letting go of my stereotyping!!

Nevertheless, Rish and I decided to venture further inwards in the hunt for food… The more we walked, the more the surroundings changed! There were amazing green parks, great buildings and mass loads of people cycling!

We had lunch at a little restaurant in a concert hall looking out on to the surprisingly pretty city. After lunch we wandered around, trying to get more of a feel for the Columbian city and came across a huge mall, followed by the reason for the mass cyclying! In a big park there were hundreds of people, relaxing, dancing and exercising to music! Quite obviously, we had arrived on the day of some sort of event, which looked fantastic, with loads of families enjoying themselves. Hmm, Columbia was looking quite nice actually.

Unfortunately it was time to head back to the airport so we got in a taxi and headed back. 🙁 Taking every moment as an opportunity, I decided to practise my Spanish with the taxi driver and he showed me the sights in English while Rishi gave up and napped on my shoulder!

Not bad for a few hours stopover!