A not so busy town famous for being the 1st place discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 (ah-ha!!) But let’s be honest the only reason any of us backpackers come here is because of Scooteroo..

Scooteroo is where we all don the cool leather biker jackets, tattoo ourselves up with fake transfer tatts and head off on scooters in hunt of kangaroos and potato wedges… Yes, it is fun.. Except if you keep accelerating when you’re supposed to brake! (I did have to give in and get on the back of the leaders bike at one point but at least I got to see more roos?!) It’s not funny and not as easy as you may think guys!! Honest. 🙁

Then again, Rish managed it perfectly well and was zooming around at full speed of 70km/hr! Agaaa!

Here are some bad ass pictures of us…

Looks gorgeous right? Yeup, it was! Unfortunately the weather went a lil sour today.. Hmm, maybe a lot sour, to the extent that there are mini flash floods around the area.. Eek!.. So we thought, let’s go surfing. Narleeey dude!

Well you’re gonna get wet anyway so what’s a little extra rain and super strong winds in the grand scheme of things?!

We don’t have any photos given the CRAZY weather but I do have a cut on my knee from hitting the rocks while trying to hold on to my surf board against the strong currents and whooshing wind… Yet, despite the cut bleeding down my leg, I couldn’t help but want to get right back in and have another go… Surfing is SO much fun.. The hardest part is fighting your way out of the waves and then it’s just like… ‘WEEEE’. Haha, good description?

Rishi managed to stand for a few seconds which is an impressive achievement in those conditions! But we know that tomorrow, we are going to be aching.. It really is a workout and a half. In fact, I think Rishi has fallen asleep in our room because he left for a shower a very long time ago..!! Then again, there’s not much else to do around here so he may as well rest up…

In the meantime, perhaps I’ll master table tennis and hustle him .. Or actually may just veg out and watch a movie in cinema room… Hmm, I’ll let you guess what I’ve decided!

Catch ya later.

P.S. Party at Beaches hostel tonight.. Let’s go!!