This is Jackie Bauer and hubby. We only need 12 hours, 24 is sooo last year!

06:00 Brisbane bus terminal.
06:01 Sleep on uncomfy chairs at Brisbane bus terminal

07:30 Clean self up in lovely Brisbane transit centre toilets!
08:00 Eat healthy breakfast of english muffins, hash browns, pancakes and tea.. Hmm yummy!
08:23 Wander round station looking for bus to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary…
09:07 Epic fail
09:15 Return to travel agent (who we asked for bus info before) with head held in shame to help us get a bus to the sanctuary!
09:31 Miss bus! Agee
09:32 Recover with a wander round Brisbane city centre. It’s surprisingly pretty! Haven’t seen a city in a few weeks, anything will impress us right now.

10:30 Bus to Koala Sanctuary. Woooh
11:15 Enter Koala Sanctuary… No-one suspects we don’t have student cards and we sneak in unsuspected on concession tix!
11:20 Ready to leave Sanctuary! Lol. Kidding but about an hour later we were definitely ready
12:30 Mission to feed kangaroos and take precarious photos with them without them kicking us in the face.

13:00 Mission accomplished. Refuel with snacking on chips… Hey, if we fed the kangaroos, don’t we deserve some food?
13:25 Bus leaves 6 mins early and jets us back to the city! Phew
14:13 Wander Brisbane again
15:20 Haven’t eaten for aaaages so McD’s milkshake
16:00 Greyhound bus to airport! 🙁 A car would have just drawn attention to us.
17:00 A*sh:+es In customs take my cosmetic scissors. Jackie Bauer has been disarmed!
17:08 Mission appears to be coming to an end, Jackie and hubby refuel with burgers and chips for the finale. The big send off.
18:00 Brisbane has been seen. Koalas have been spotted and Kangaroos have been fed. The flight safely takes off and another series of 12 comes to its cliffhanger end.

Tune in next time for….. ?