Dear Diary II – Post Japan

Whoa, so as we leave a day early from Japan, due to the massive 9.0 earthquake and risks of a nuclear disaster, there are a bucket load of thoughts running through my mind. So I decided it was time for a dear diary sequel (well actually a rant, so apologies in advance).

After seeing such catostrophic scenes on television, which looked like they were right out of the movie”2012″ and feeling one freaking heavy earthquake, it puts life into perspective!

The truth is we all bow down to mother earth and in any one second the world could destroy everything that humanity has created! How do you react to that?

Well, if you are a chyk, all of what I’m going to say is obvious, but it truly shows attachment to worlds materialistic possessions isn’t going to ensure you live a happy life…The 500000 homeless people from the tsunami can vouch for that!

Its time to take a fresh approach, and see life as an opportunity… an opportunity maybe not driven by JUST materialistic goals…the house and money are great things, don’t get me wrong…but isn’t living a life of self-fulfillment and enjoyment more important…

I mean how many times do we say “I really wish I could do that” to say either “but I can’t” or “later”. Well this is a wake up call to me anyway…get up and go get what you want…do the things you’ve always wanted to and appreciate life NOW! No excuses…coz you choose the directions you follow in the map of life, no one else does!

This leads me onto the people of Japan, who are without question, some of the nicest people we have come across!

And sometimes when you need help to achieve goals, these are the kinds of people you want in your life to set a great example for all of us.

To give you an idea of what I mean, this is some of things me and Anj, spotted along the way!

1. Whenever on a train, if an older person or people with children come aboard, one of the Japanese always gets up an offers a seat.

Yep I know you maybe thinking we have a seat for that in the UK, but how many people actually do it and show that form of selflessness when the train is busy?

2. They switch their phones to silent in trains, and never take a phonecall on the train. Now can you imagine that in london, where let’s face it we’re addicted to talking on our cell phones!?

They respect other people on the train! And it means you get to chill out and have a good conversation with others with you.

3. Eating on the move is not looked at favourably! If they buy take away, they stop somewhere and take the time to eat, rather than rushing their food as they walk!

WHAT’S THAT? You should take time out to actually relax and eat! Yep shocked me too!

4. Whenever we needed help, someone went out of their way to help us out…doesn’t matter if they couldn’t understand! They simply wanted to help!

And even if you went into a shop, and didn’t buy anything, the store owner still takes the time to converse, smile with you and wish you the best for your journey ahead! So nice!

5. After the tsunami and the quake, so many Japanese went to help their fellow country men.

And there was no looting, but a willingness to help others and share with others what they had, even if it wasn’t much!

Have to say that credit also has to go to the rescue workers from all over the world and those in the nuclear plant, risking their lives to save others!

This attitude, which I summarize by respect for others (others don’t have to EARN your respect, you already should have respect for others feelings and thoughts), kindness, politeness, selflessness and patience is something we all could demonstrate a little more of.

And on top of all that, taking time to savour the life we have with smiles and laughter is important!

That may sound cheesy, but to be honest, I don’t really care if being cheesy isn’t fashionable especially if it means we are living a life of happiness and bringing more happiness to others!

Its not easy, but I truly want to do more selfless deeds, with zero expectation in return!

Yes, even though we may say we already do that, do we really, or do we later get annoyed at someone and list all the nice things we’ve done for them in an argument, or expect that they should have been nicer to you?

That’s for you to decide.

I believe selfless helping will make our world a better place and is something we could all do more of!

Many people will argue against it by saying that they worry people may take advantage of you…well if you’re not expecting anything in return and are doing things for people out of the kindness of your heart, being taken advantage of doesn’t exist!

It doesn’t matter how they act towards you, because you have zero expectations back!

So there you have it, start appreciating and savouring life and what you have. Thank your parents, God, and whoever else you need to, for the life you have! And go out, do selfless deeds and live life to the full!

Coz in reality that’s all we have – the life WE CHOOSE to live!

Let me know your thoughts guys, drop your comments below!

Dear Diary…

Okay this post is a little off the cuff, but laos has been inspirational even just from the 7-8 days we’ve been here…and I had to write this…

Everywhere we look around we’re surrounded by monks and other travellers we recognise along the way. Purely just because here the major cities are all actually tiny but amazingly beautiful and serene towns! You can’t help bumping into the same people…

And well, getting to the point…the monks and the travellers we met truly put life into a different perspective which is soooo refreshing…

We’ve met a number of couples and individual travellers who have been travelling not just for a few months, but for years!

In fact one couple, after they got married, went off for their honeymoon, and never looked back! They been travelling for 15 months now and working in cities around the world, including rome and mexico, and enjoying life…

It kind of puts things into perspective…they don’t earn to get rich or to get wealthy…money isn’t first…money doesn’t make the world go round…for them, living life makes the world go round…

Yes you need money to live life…but only enough to meet your needs and wants…what’s the point of getting rich if your not living life!

And the key point is, the standard accepted way of life which is you have to work hard in a job you don’t like is simply not true…its your choice to be there…not living life to its full potential!

I don’t think I’ve met many happy couples like them! And definitely truly inspirational people!

We also met 2 other girls that do the same…8 months work hard and then quit and 4 months travel…wow…they aren’t scared about not finding a job when they go back. They’ll do whatever they have to do to live the life they want!

Shows even though whatever way we try to avoid the rat race…have we really avoided it?…coz these people are living the dream, not waiting till retirement or till something else changes…they are living in the now!

Again I repeat what’s the point in being wealthy if you aren’t enjoying life or savouring every moment…?!

That leads me onto the monks…obviously very religous and work through donations…I think about the life of a monk…who eats only twice a day, with food coming from the towns people (people wake up at 6am to give monks cooked food for there day ahead, every day- amazing tradition and so much respect and love for its religion- we woke up also to give them alms and its humbling, especially as you see the monks also give homeless people some of their food) and who do not focus on earning money or greed. It is whatever is given to them they work off.

Who do you think is happier…those with materialistic greed trying to constantly earn more money and become rich or those that are happy with what was given to them and live life in the now!?

Well all I can say is, talking with the monks, made us realize they are playful, fun and soo happy(Something we could all aspire to be, more of the time)…not the serious, quiet people we expect them to be…

Before you say anything…I’m not saying we should become monks and nor am I saying we shouldn’t save for or look into the future. Yes its important to have goals and create achievements but they should be a bonus to what we already have…not the be end and end all of our life or of our happiness!

Live with gratitude and live up to your responsibilities, but live life to the full, live your dream life, today, right now! That’s how I want to live life!

I know from now on I’m going to savour every moment and have fun…I also know money is just a tool and nothing else…and we can be happy if we appreciate what we have got right now, no matter what we have! 🙂

There you have it diary! time for me to sign out…and for those reading this…be good to hear your thoughts? 🙂